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Pursuit of the Narrative Portrait

Showing what is in between, searching for the moments of limbo—the breath you take before jumping, closing one's eyes before diving, the grimace made in thought—these are the essences.Infused with subliminal imagery and references, my work encompasses the spectrum of body and spirit, movement and moment, hope and despair, loss and presence.Marrying collective memories, private images and historical icons into my world. Borrowing religious gestures into secular context. Painting the body gestures of intimate stories in a theatrical staging. Observing and reflecting on topics of our time and history.


I'm exploring various techniques: Working with models in situ, photography is essential toward a new portrait. Digital manipulations and alterations are also important parts of my process. I'm exploring the parallels between past and present, setting my models in a contemporary or timeless surrounding. Image transfer, print, mixed media, working in layers and transparency. Watercolor gives one the possibility to work in absolute intensity as an acrobat in a storm. Hazard gets into the process and takes part in the result. Working with clay (since 2003) is a marvelous complement to 2D. It's a tactile and sensual process, extremely slow and calming. It takes days to dry the clay and the surprises of the firing and glazing take you each time to new territories.



A la poursuite du Portrait Narratif

Infusé d’images subliminales et de références culturelles, mon travail explore et remue inlassablement le langage du portrait contemporain.

Tisser les chefs d'oeuvres greco-romains avec les maîtres de la Renaissance... Marier photos privées, images collectives et icônes romanesques...Peindre dans une gestuelle théâtrale les emotions, la pensée, l’invisible.

Techniques mixtes. Photographies in situ, manipulations digitales, transferts et impressions sur papier, encres. Par l’encre, je recherche la transparence des couches, les contrastes du trait, flous ou affinés, pour exprimer la commotion d’une expression. Doucement, je m’aventure plus loin, travaillant textures et fonds. Le hazard prend part au processus et chaque aquarelle est conçue dans une intense concentration.

Je travaille également la porcelaine sous forme de petites sculptures contemplatives. Ces portraits 3D flottent en apesanteur sur les murs ou reposent dans une alcove.